Zoos and Aquariums

From top-rated zoos to the largest indoor aquarium in a four-state area, Oklahoma has unique attractions for every animal lover. Take the whole family to the Oklahoma City Zoo and Botanical Garden and enjoy 120 beautiful acres featuring over 1,800 animals. Innovative exhibits such as Oklahoma Trails, Cat Forest and Lion Overlook, Great EscAPE and the elephant habitat provide zoo visitors with up-close vantage points while allowing the animals to enjoy enclosures simulating their natural habitats.

The Tulsa Zoo boasts 84 acres of exhibits featuring over 2,800 animals, most of which are rare and endangered. For a truly exotic experience, head to the Tropical American Rainforest exhibit and immerse yourself in lush vegetation filled with beautiful birds, small monkeys and species native to the area. Or visit some of the zoo's most popular residents including polar bears, penguins and sea lions.

The Oklahoma Aquarium offers an amazing glimpse into the underwater world of our oceans, lakes and rivers with eight exhibit galleries. Walk through the shark tunnel and gaze in wonder as the world's largest captive bull sharks cruise overhead.

You'll also find animal attractions across the state that give you an opportunity for a close encounter with the creatures of the world. From an eagle rehabilitation center to tours of facilities dedicated to rescuing domesticated exotic animals and a haven for retired circus elephants, Oklahoma has plenty of opportunities to walk on the wild side.


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